We make it easy to deliver better buildings

More and more, our clients are demanding comfortable, healthy, more efficient buildings. THECApanel delivers all these outcomes and is very easy to use in the design and documentation process.

THECApanel delivers comfortable homes

THECApanel delivers comfortable homes; up to and including Passive Houses.

If your client is not planning on going to the extent of a Passive House, THECApanel is still for you.

THECApanel delivers healthy homes

THECApanel helps to deliver homes that are condensation and mould-free.

The evidence is clear that buildings in New Zealand must utilise systems such as those used in THECApanel to eliminate the risk of mould and condensation.

THECApanel delivers quality homes

A home built with THECApanel will be straighter and more accurate.

THECApanel is extremely easy to use in your documentation

Documentation Ease
THECApanel comes with extensive documentation ready to include in your documentation set. It's easy for you, it's easy for the Council, it's easy for the builder.

THECApanel is superior to other building systems

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