THECApanel is the easiest prefabricated system available

More and more, our clients are demanding comfortable, healthy, more efficient buildings. THECApanel delivers all these outcomes and is very easy for you, as a builder, to use.

THECApanel delivers healthy homes

THECApanel helps to deliver homes that are condensation and mould-free.

The evidence is clear that buildings in New Zealand must utilise systems such as those used in THECApanel to eliminate the risk of mould and condensation.

THECApanel delivers quality homes

THECApanel will make it very easy for you to deliver homes of excellent quality and accuracy.
Becoming an Accredited THECApanel Installer can also give your client peace of mind that they are dealing with an expert.

THECApanel dramatically reduces your construction programme

Reduced Construction Time
THECApanel virtually eliminates weather delays and is very fast to erect and make weathertight. A home can typically be weathertight in 3 - 5 days after the slab or bearers are complete.
Experience shows us that you will save at least four weeks from your programme.

THECApanel provides cost certainty

Cost Certainty
THECApanel removes a large variable from your pricing with the elimination of weather delays and a fixed price for a weathertight building.
Costs can be further reduced due to:

  • Reduced scaffolding times
  • Reduced time straightening walls before lining
  • Reduced P&G overheads

THECApanel is superior to other building systems

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