THECApanel being installed
Get a more comfortable home

The benefits of choosing THECApanel to build your new home are significant.

THECApanel delivers comfortable homes

THECApanel delivers comfortable homes; up to and including Passive Houses.

If you're not planning on going to the extent of a Passive House, THECApanel is still for you.

THECApanel delivers healthy homes

THECApanel helps to deliver homes that are condensation and mould-free.

The evidence is clear that buildings in New Zealand must utilise systems such as those used in THECApanel to eliminate the risk of mould and condensation.

THECApanel delivers quality homes

A home built with THECApanel will be straighter and more accurate.
Especially when using an Accredited THECApanel Installer, you can be confident of a home of outstanding quality.

THECApanel delivers homes faster

A THECApanel home is fast to build. Using THECApanel virtually eliminates construction delays due to inclement weather. Experience shows that your home will be completed at least one month faster than a typical building process.

THECApanel is superior to other building systems

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