THECAfacade makes commercial buildings quick and accurate
Stay on budget and on schedule

THECAfacade is an engineered, opaque timber-framed facade solution for high-rise commercial buildings.

It is adaptable to a wide range of structural solutions and can interact easily with:

  • Steel column and beam structures;
  • Concrete floor plate structures
  • CLT structures

THECAfacade is designed to comply with all requirements for:

  • Spread of fire
  • Noise attenuation
  • Seismic drift
  • Slab edge thermal bridging
  • Interstitial moisture

THECAfacade interacts easily with curtain wall systems and can also incorporate smaller glazing units very easily.

Cost Certainty

Using THECAfacade provides cost certainty to your project as a significant work package is now provided at a fixed cost. Delays due to labour shortages or weather are eliminated.

Reduced Construction Time

The THECAfacade is prefabricated in our Christchurch factory as your groundworks and primary structure are being built. As soon as the primary structure is ready, the THECAfacade elements can be installed, significantly reducing your construction programme.

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