Passive House guarantees results

The Passive House Standard is New Zealand and the world's most researched and proven building performance standard.

It is the only building performance standard that can guarantee your building's performance, no matter its design, location or orientation.

The benefits of a Passive House are many.


Your home will constantly be comfortable. It will be warm in winter, cool in summer and will always be dry.


Your home will never have mould or condensation.

We understand that this is a concept foreign to most New Zealanders, so lets say it again.

Your home will never have mould or condensation.

Your home will have constantly fresh air, no matter how hot or cold, wet or dry, still or windy it is outside.


A Passive House undergoes a rigorous third-party assessment of the design and construction of your home to ensure its performance.


A Passive House has a high-performance building envelope that is designed to exclude moisture and maximise performance for the life of the building.

This means that your home will never have interstitial condensation which leads to rot, mould and decay.

Low Cost

The cost of your home comes in three parts; it is essential to consider both parts when making a decision.

Capital Cost

This is the upfront capital cost to build your new home, and is reflected by your weekly or monthly mortgage payments.

Running Costs

This is the weekly or monthly cost to operate your home. The cost for energy, maintenance and rates.

Resale Value

The value of your home in the future at the point it will be sold.

Total Cost

When all three of these costs are considered, despite the potential for the capital cost to be higher, the weekly or monthly cost for a Passive House is almost always less than building the same home to the minimum NZ Building Code standard.